Restorative Dentistry

  • fixed restorations

All ceramic or ceramic fused to metal crowns and bridges

  • The prosthetics should meet higher standards in periodontolgy. This means that the crowns should sit precisely on the prepared shoulder of the teeth. This provides much more accurate closure then traditional crowns so called tangentional preparation. The crown or bridge substructure may be made out of metal or ceramic. The best esthetic solution would be all ceramic at the anterior area because of its transparency. The lithium-disilicate restorations give the best natural look. The base of the crown or bridge is generated by a computer called CAD/CAM. If we decide on all ceramics then it is called a PROCERA crown or bridge but a well made ceramic fused to metal crown works just as well at the front or on the back molars. However, there is a difference in price.


  • Thin, approximately 1 mm of the tooth surface structure is being sacrificed. It is offered if there is discoloration, misshaped or deformed teeth. We can accomplish esthetically beautiful end result. The veneers are placed on the teeth using an adhesive technique.