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Treatment of endemic

Periodontal disease known as „gum disease" and more than 25% of the hungarian population is affected by milder or severe form of this condition. There are very few dentists who complete a special periodontal residency program that is necessary to treat this kind of a disease. Dr. Endre Kiss, PhD periodontist operates such an advanced periodontal private dental practice in Kecskemet.

My colleagues and I provide outstanding care in the treatment of periodontal disease and implantology (artifical root). In addition of other dental needs from patients, we provide the highest level of care which is guaranteed by my colleagues with higher than average standard care and by using proffesional materials and equipments.

We welcome all of our patients in our relaxed, comfortable and pain free environment.




Dear Partners!


We wish to inform all our visitors that in 2011 we broadened our office with a new digital CRANEX NOVUS panorax machine. This was implemented by the support of the European Union. The aid of 2.100.000 Ft was provided by the European Union and the Hungarian Government. With the support of technological development of micro and small enterprises such machine provides quality service that contributes to our patients’ needs.

Project name: Dr. Endre Kiss Technology development of private enterprise.



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